Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tonights amusement.

About to head out for a ride on the new fixie. In the last week I have managed to dodge the police on three occasions, however finished bringing my bike up to code today, so hopefully this problem ceases to exist. Nightrides have become the new favourite, the air is cool and the streets are deserted.

My man John on a ride through Denver.

White Gan Well Pro Evasion. Ultimate ride.

The Catorialist

A take on Scott Schuman's ever popular 'The Satorialist'. While the website acts as a source of amusement, it also maintains an element of elegance and beauty. Top notch satire comedy in my opinion.

In the summertime

Pretty keen to get back into the spirit of things. Summer approaching, kicking the season off with a few festivals and some hefty weekends. Cannot begin to comprehend how I will financially cover this, but ive made due so far. Hopefully it all works out, amusing regardless.

Motivation to throwing together some sketches to get done.

Happy birthday champ

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Boom! Podcast: Michael Novy 2009

Hammer 'n' Tongs

Tried out this brew for the first time the other day, and would have to say that I am quite pleased. Clean, crisp taste, and for only $26AUD a slab; you will hear no complaints from me. Malt was subdued without being sooky, the aroma was natural but not too heavy, and the drink maintained the perfect bitterness. Hammer 'n' Tongs, 9/10 for me.

Starting to see where I went wrong